Interesting facts about Gießen

Beauty at second glance – the university town of Gießen has a lot to offer despite the old town unfortunately no longer being there: For example the botanical garden of the Justus Liebig University Gießen (the oldest botanical university garden in the Federal Republic), the museums about Justus von Liebig and that worldwide first mathematics museum, the new and old castle, the old cemetery with the tombs of WC Roentgen and Hugo von Ritgen as well as the historic chapel and in the near vicinity Weilburg Castle, Arnsburg Monastery, Schiffenberg Monastery and the historic old towns of Wetzlar and Marburg.

Gießen is located in the middle of Hesse between the foothills of the Vogelsberg, the Taunus and the Westerwald. Embedded in the picturesque Lahn river valley and due to its central location, it is the perfect starting point for numerous leisure activities.

Gießen is characterized by a harmonious combination of traditional culture and modern city life. The center of culture is the city theater built in the last century. A variety of art and cultural events are at home here. Historical and modern museums such as the Liebig Museum and the Mathematics also invite you to visit.

Gießen – Heart of a historical region

Even Goethe knew about the charms of the city of Gießen. In 1772 he wrote about his journey from Wetzlar to Gießen about the “lovely valley” whose hike brought him “great happiness”. Idyllic river valleys, rolling hills, large forest areas and picturesque towns and villages characterize the region. Numerous castles and palaces, monasteries and churches, towers and half-timbered houses, Celtic and Roman traces as well as museums tell of the history of the region and its people.

Gießen – central shopping city of the region

With around 650,000 customers in the immediate catchment area, Gießen is one of the most important shopping cities in Germany. The spacious pedestrian zone with the Seltersweg and the new “Galerie Neustädter Tor” invite you to stroll and shop. The traditional weekly market (Wed and Sat) offers local products and many other culinary delights. Large-scale retail can be found in the commercial area West and in the Schiffenberger Tal.

Gießen – recreational opportunities galore

Gießen also offers a huge selection for nature fans. You can experience pure nature by bike, on skating and hiking tours or on paddling trips on one of the most beautiful hiking rivers in Germany, the Lahn. Beautiful parks, lakes and well-kept leisure facilities offer countless possibilities. The local recreation area “Wieseckaue” with a beautiful swan pond is particularly popular.

Gießen – sports city with success

It is not just the diverse range of sports and the large selection of clubs and clubs that give Gießen its likeable and sporty character. In many sports such as basketball, handball, rowing and dancing, Gießen clubs are always represented nationally and internationally. Basketball, handball, soccer, volleyball, gymnastics, climbing, rowing, athletics, cycling and dancing are just a small selection from the wide range.

Gießen – business location with tradition and dynamism

The city’s central geographic location and excellent transport links have always been used by many organizers of congresses and conferences, as well as small and large internationally renowned companies. Conversion areas have been converted into innovative commercial areas such as the “Europaviertel”, which is making a name for itself with its exemplary technology infrastructure. Gießen is also the seat of numerous authorities.